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About Us

Key To Life is an environmental safety company rendering disinfection, sanitization, and sterilization services all across the country. Key To Life services are ideal for businesses that either have had COVID 19 exposures in the past, or are implementing precautionary measures as a proactive step for the future.

Key To Life is also perfect for businesses and individuals who are just safety conscious, or are required to carry out disinfection activities before reopening.

What you get when you call on us is an efficient company with tons of experience in the industry, having provided cleaning and disinfecting services to numerous businesses, both new and established, who have gone on to achieve unprecedented success without any glitch caused by unwanted germs and microorganisms.

Service Range

All our service types, including disinfection, sanitizing, and sterilizing are flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of options including personal use in residential buildings, hospitals, casinos, office buildings, schools and loads more.

Over the years we have seen all over the world that there is no such thing as being too paranoid when it comes to preventing the outbreak of diseases, including bacterial infections, viruses, and fungi. Key To Life is fully equipped and well positioned to provide sustainable disinfection services that will have your and your businesses covered for a long time to come, no matter where you happen to be situated.


Key to Life is available to tend to commercial locations all over the country, providing important disinfecting and sanitizing practices that ensure you're henceforth able to work smoothly and seamlessly without any hinderance or drawback whatsoever, as a result of harmful pathogens


We are also available to render our services to individuals in residential areas. Thanks to the flexibility of our services and packages, you're guaranteed to find as much satisfaction with our residential package as you would with our other two packages.


Lastly, Key To Life services are also available for your outdoor cleansing and disinfection. This can be particularly pertinent for those who work on outdoor spaces, or possess additional outdoor areas as a part of their total establishment. So you can be confident that Key To Life has your back in this category too.

Our Mission

Our Mission at Key To Life is to help you thrive by transforming your personal and work spaces into conducive areas where humans and necessary, non harmful accessories can thrive, completely rid of harmful agents and disease causing microorganisms.

We also go to incredible lengths to ensure that we stay committed to our mission of achieving pathogen-free spaces through environmentally friendly processes, and making use of only biodegradable components.

To ensure that we're able to carry out our missions successfully to the fullest of our abilities, our services are generally classified under three broad categories - disinfection, sanitizing, and sterilizing.

Why Choose Key To Life

Key To Life is perfect for you for a great deal of reasons. You don't believe us? We'll just let the reasons below speak for themselves, then:

Environmental Friendly

At Key To Life we go through extra steps to make sure that every single part of a process employees environmental friendly methods of biodegradable components.

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Optimal Performance and Efficiency

All our cleaning services at Key To Life are provided with compounds that ensure optimal performance and efficiency, and leave your space with no damage whatsoever. For example we ensure that our services are hypoallergenic, non flammable, non abrasive, and leave behind no residue or harsh fumes whatsoever.

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Our cleansing procedures are optimized for maximum potency and high sustainability. Key To Life services are great for securing your spaces against all major forms of pathogens and microorganisms including coronavirus, norovirus, H1N1, SARS, MRSA, Swine flu, E. Coli, and so on.

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Key to Life cleaning company is registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency, and all our services are compliant, and approved by regulatory body standards set by the CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention), and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

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As mentioned earlier, Key To Life cleansing services are versatile and flexible enough to be employed at virtually any location whatsoever. Whether your business is located outdoors or indoors; whether you're a giant health company or a cozy little restaurant, you can call on Key To Life and be confident of a germ free operation from the moment we touch down on your establishment.

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COVID 19 and Key 2 Life

The COVID 19 pandemic took the world by storm, and has completely upended every major aspect of our lives. But like every major event in human history, its most lasting impact is to be found in the lessons we learn from it.

If anything, the COVID 19 pandemic has reminded us once again of the importance of proper sanitization and sterilization on our survival as human beings. Sometimes we all love to believe we are untouchable giants, and these "microorganisms" can't touch us.

Sadly this isn't the case. The only things that can save us are constant cleaning and sterilization.

And that's where we at Key To Life come in. In a post COVID world, the importance of proper cleaning and sanitization becomes higher and more profound, not less. Our aim is to help you navigate this new reality and make you feel safe again!

Our Projections

We project that in the near future, Key To Life will have solidified even further our reputation as one of the premier outfits when it comes to cleaning and disinfection. At the moment, we have all the wherewithals, including instruments, certification, know-how, and most importantly the ability to pay meticulous attention to your needs and take care of your requirements accordingly, the way very few out there can.

We believe that all of these are not only going to come in handy in helping businesses thrive in the future, but are also sure to become an even more important aspect of all our lives as people start to pay more attention to proper disinfection and sanitization in a post covid world.

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